sharing human places in time and space

chronography (krənˈɒɡrəfɪ):

  1. an arrangement of past events.
  2. the creation of written statements in which specific letters indicate numerical values that denote a year or period in time.
  3. Obsolete, the recording or study of past events.

Welcome to

This site has been created to share continuing efforts and experiments in digital archaeology, cultural heritage modeling, and public interpretation. Stay tuned as we gather our resources, dust off the manuals and prepare to share a few thousand years of human history.

Interpretive Design

We heart Photoscan! If you are interested in converting your photogrametric modeling into detailed virtual exhibits, we may have a solution for you.

Reality Capture

Fully licenced and insured UAV and terrestrial photogrammetry.

3D Modeling

Digital virtual reconstructions of ancient places remains our specialty.

Virtual Reality

Our first steps into an entirely new way of visualizing information.